Research directions

New computer tools and technology information society

GIS technology in environmental studies

GIS is an automated information system for processing spatio-temporal data, which is the basis for the integration of geographic information.


The department participates in the joint Russian-Ukrainian project - "GIS RUSSIA-UKRAINE", whose main task is to unite into a single complex techniques and data processing technology virtually all automated systems for general purpose, automated systems research and design, background information systems and automated control. Integration of GIS allows the character to create on their basis of modern tools for collecting, storing, organizing, analyzing and presenting information. In the Project Department cooperates with Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development, Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences.


The project is planned to create modules for three-dimensional (3D) analysis and design, generate plans, automatic documentation of projects and selecting the best possible solutions.


Authorized researchers: VI, senior lecturerShmurak AL, senior lecturerDatsyuk OA, senior lecturerGurin AL


Subsystem Mobile documenting the results of flight tests

Objective: Development on Windows XP tools for mobile documentation, review and display flight information to enable:

operative creation of species and the type of the original document to obtain hard copies of the printer / rafter;
operative work with input information (input different types of input data - data import);
issuance of preferred and / or processed data to a new file structure which is defined by the user - export data;
operative choice of parameters are documented, and setting their attributes.

The project is implemented in cooperation with aviation Scientific - Technical Complex them. DC Antonov for flight test aircraft An-70T.


Proposed the following composition software modules:

Development environment: Borland C ++ Builder 6.


Technology interprocessor interactions: COM.


Authorized researchers: PhD.Gagarin AA, VI, PhD.Karpenko SG, Ph.D.Kryachok OS, senior lecturerLabzhynskyy VA, Ph.D., LO, senior lecturerMiroshnichenko IV, Ph.D. Assoc. prof.Smakovskyy DS, Ph.D. YD


Prediction of the maximum load web resources

The number of visitors web-site (hits and hosts) during the day is a non-linear structure with a pronounced peak day. When you select the hardware facilities hosting server with web resources accounted for the maximum load web resource. This distribution is inefficient because most of the time the hardware resources are used, and in the case of increasing peak allocated resources may not be sufficient.


The team is developing a software package that is on dynamic and static web resource parameters can predict the daily maximum load and resource web hosting server.


This will, on the one hand, to balance the distribution of hardware facilities hosting server between resources and their dynamic redistribution "if necessary"; and, on the other hand, the timely connection of additional hardware resources in excess of the limit value of the load.


Authorized researchers: Ph.D., SY, senior lecturerLyashenko MV


Computer-aided design TPP boilers

The system, developed in cooperation with the Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Sciences, designed to develop new and upgraded boilers TPP.


The software automatically form the optimal technical solutions that satisfy all the necessary restrictions.


The system consists of the following modules:

database provides teams of developers work together using shared access to data;
image editor allows formation thermal circuit using standard elements and establishing links between them;
optimization subsystem;
subsystem implements automated engineering calculations boiler thermal calculation;
subsystem provides automatic generation of sketch sketching designs that prektuyetsya.

Development Tools: ORACLE database system for industrial version, database version INTERBASE for training, AUTOCAD, system application development Delphi 7, Microsoft Visual C + + 6.0., FORTRAN, C + +.


Authorized researcher: senior scientist, Ph.D., YP


Virtual Lab Space Research

Department APEPS jointly with the Faculty of aviation and space systems NTU "KPI" takes an active part in the development of onboard digital computer complex microsatellite. Develops new protocols microsatellite control external devices.


Using powerful space systems associated with significant cost and time savings. Current problems in the field of space research is the development of micro-spacecraft. Since these studies require considerable computational power, there is a need to form virtual laboratories, access to resources which are provided by remote users to conduct experiments.


Authorized researcher: senior lecturerMiroshnichenko IV


Automatic control system using sensor signal processing computer

The project is devoted to the issue intelligent sensors in modern automatic control and computer-aided research.


Modern digital video cameras, high-resolution (2.5 Mpx) can be used as a sensor for non-contact sensor, remote visual inspection.


How it works: sensor located in a protective casing, can operate in difficult climatic conditions and a large pylezabrudnenni. The computer that is set in a comfortable environment, performs processing of video and issue control signals to control item in the mode real-time. Processing of digital TV technology that goes into video computer is made using high-speed mathematical algorithms, FFT, regression analysis, mathematical programming.


Authorized researcher: PhD. YD


The development of intelligent robots

The problem of monitoring objects that are characterized by complex environmental conditions can be resolved by using mobile robotic scouts intended for remote monitoring components of the environment.


The department works on creation of mathematical, algorithmic and technical support for the basic components of the control system of unmanned intelligent mobile robots with sensors for the exploration of multi-zones of influence of pollutants in large areas.


Such work can be used to solve typical problems of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, agricultural industry enterprises, the Ministry of Transport and other problems exploration and neutralize dangerous man-made events.


The partners of the Institute of Cybernetics. VM Glushkov NAS of Ukraine and Physical and Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys National Aviation University.


Authorized researchers: Dr.Sci. in Math&Phys., prof.Pisarenko VG, Ph.D.,Pisarenko V.


Semantic technologies in e-learning

Research related to educational Web-systems and systems of distance learning. Areas of Expertise: Artificial Intelligence in Education, Web, model of knowledge, distance education systems content management, semantic modeling content and more. Scientific articles and current research posted on this


Authorized researchers: PhD.Gagarin OO, senior lecturerTitenko SV