Technical equipment

Technical equipment

For the educational process in the modern information level in the department,APEPS created following laboratories:

The total study area at the department is 1153 m2. In specialized educational laboratories, computer classes, teaching in classrooms, in classroomscourseand graduate design equipped with 225 jobs.

Modern computers in teaching laboratories and computer classes combined into a LAN network based on modern software Novell Netware, with the possibility of access to the Internet. On average, each student during training has up to 2 hours of load on the PC.

The total number of computers is 111 pieces. Computers equipped with modern software:

Introduced the original means of creation and introduction of distance learning courses. Using tools developed works on creating educational distance learning courses from disciplines.

For the needs the educational process are used printers, scanners, Plotter, rizografy, copiers.

Given the current pace of development of information technology, computer hardware teaching laboratories regularly updated.