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The Department APEPS invites for education

The department is preparing specialists in the areas of computer science and software engineering:

Computer Science


System design

Special attention is paid to mastering expertise in the development and application of computer-aided design and modeling of technical objects and systems in energy haluzi.Studenty study of special disciplines of computer graphics and technical design. The theoretical issues and practical skills to build sophisticated graphics and technical drawings forming based on computer modeling of surfaces. Basic training discipline "Design Computer Aided Design", "Visual design in CAD", "Simulation systems", "Visualization of geometric information", "Real-time systems." Graduates have the necessary knowledge and skills to develop any computer systems, particularly systems modeling and design processes and cogeneration facilities.


Computer ecological and economic monitoring

According to this latest and important for Ukraine specialty prepared professionals able to design computer systems for monitoring and analysis of the environment and the formation of measures to neutralize the negative effects of environmental pollution. Students learn the following major subjects: "GIS", "graphic and geometric modeling", "Computer technology in the modern economy", "Object-oriented analysis and design software systems", "Hardware and software for collecting and processing environmental information. "Graduates work as experts in the development of any software, particularly in the field of computer monitoring of the environment in the state and private institutions and enterprises.

Software Engineering


Software systems

During the program, students receive a thorough knowledge of programming, mathematical modeling, advanced information technologies. Probe basis for development of artificial intelligence, simulation systems with fuzzy algorithm of formation and use of data and knowledge bases, operation and programming of complex computer networks. Students learn the following major subjects: "Mathematical models and methods of planning and decision making", "Object-oriented analysis and design software systems", "Parallel Computing and GRID-technology", "Design of distributed databases", "Fundamentals developing compilers. "Special attention is given to technology-based platform .NET. After graduation, graduates can work in computer centers, research institutions of different areas, banks and other financial and IT structures leading specialists in the development and use of information technology and systems.


Software Engineering

The goal is to train specialists specialties can solve problems related to the use of effective methods for creating high-quality system software. Special attention is paid to the design, analysis, evaluation and evolution of software. Students learn the following major subjects: "post relational database», «WEB-programming and WEB-technology", "Parallel Computing and GRID-technology", "Real-time systems." Special attention is given to technology-based platform JavaEE. In addition to the attention of the profession fall issue management process of software products to ensure their quality and teamwork of the staff of programmers. Graduates work as experts in the development of software architecture.

Department APPPS established in 1985 and prepares professionals to work in all sectors of the economy for the design, development, maintenance and operation of the software. Department APPPS combines fundamental and vocational training and a high level of new information technologies. Eleven of the department of computer labs with the latest high-tech equipment needed to operate in today's information space, including on the Internet. In the educational process is widely used multimedia equipment.

Together with leading scientists at the Department are young and talented specialists in computer case. Modern information systems taught by experienced representatives from prominent computer companies. The Department has 8 doctors and 29 PhDs.

Diploma APPPS department - is the best recommendation for hiring a commercial, scientific and industrial organizations of Ukraine and other countries. Department graduates achieve high success in various fields of science and industry, led by well-known IT company both in Ukraine and abroad.

Basic training courses that students learn all specialties department: computer architecture and computer circuitry; basics of programming and algorithmic languages (PASCAL, C); system programming (ASSEMBLER, C) and operating systems (LINUX, WINDOWS); object-oriented languages and programming environments (DELPHI, JAVA); organization of databases and distributed database (MySQL, MS SQL SERVER, ORACLE) using technologies ODBC, ADO, ADO.NET; computer networks - local, corporate and global; network applications programming tools (PHP, JavaScript, JSP, ASP.NET); means of distributed processing (COM / DCOM, CORBA, REMOUTING, WCF, GRID); graphics and geometric modeling (AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, 3DMAX); functional and logic programming (LISP, PROLOG) and artificial intelligence; methods and technologies for designing information systems (language UML, environment RATIONAL ROSE); geographic information systems (MAPINFO, ArcGIS); WEB-services, multimedia technology and WEB-design.

The obtained knowledge enable graduates of the department an interesting activity to realize their creativity and take vysooplachuvani positions in information technology.

Apprenticeship: "Bachelor" - 4 years, "Specialist" - 5 years 5 months, "Master" - 6 years.