Research directions

Diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases

Preparation of medical technology and information processing tools

Together specialists Kiev Institute of Physiology NAS of Ukraine, National Medical University. OO Bohomoltsia and Department APEPS developed hypoxic stimulation apparatus body "Hipotron" designed to activate the immune system and antioxidant defense system.

Employees of the department developed the design of the machine "Hipotron" and software, which allows you to store information and reproduce it in the form of tables, charts and graphs.

The Institute of Gerontology AMS of therapy and the National Medical University of Ukraine. OO Bohomoltsia created oxygenation centers where the clinical research method interval individually dosed normobaric hypoxia. This method increases the resistance of man to ionizing radiation, physical and mental stress, infectious diseases, ischemic brain damage and infarction.

Employees of the Department APEPS with physicians developed a method for determining the adaptive ability of the organism in anthropogenically changed environment. Work on the application of a new element in the design of the machine base and its implementation in medical institutions of Ukraine.

Responsible person: Art. off. O.F. Shulzhenko