Student Life

Trade union

Our student union represents and defends your rights and interests before the Administration Department (Institute), university, government and local authorities and other public associations.
Student NTU "KPI", which in the learning process possessed knowledge takes some experience need protection because their right to defend yourself is very difficult.

Our primary trade union organization of students "KPI" can confidently offer our students their support and protection. To do this, we have the right experience and powerful force of solidarity. That's Student Union Committee "KPI" given broad powers to control the observance of the university administration training conditions, residence life and students NTU "KPI".

Trade unions Ukraine educators at all levels represents and protects your rights and interests.

Unless UNIONS educators Ukraine you can not deduct from the university or evicted from the hostel.

Thanks to the teachers union Ukraine you can relax during the summer and winter holidays.

Trade union educators Ukraine will help you arrange all types of financial aid.

Each group is a union leader, which you can ask for help on these issues. Useful information can also be found at trade union "KPI" site, discusses the main news in the social networks