VIII International scientific and practical conference on Energy

2010.04.19-23 VІІІ Міжнародна науково-практична конференція з проблем енергетики

2010.04.19-23 VIII International scientific and practical conference on Energy
19-23 April 2010 at Teff held VIII International Scientific Conference of graduate students, undergraduates, students on "Modern problems of scientific support energy".

The plenary presentations were made: Director of Coal Technologies Academy of Sciences of Ukraine O.Yu.Maystrenko; Head. love high Thermogasdynamics Cor. NAS AA Khalatov; Corr. National Academy of Sciences, professor NM Fialko; Ph.D., assistant professor of APEPS OO Gagarin; PhD. VA Voloshchuk; Postgraduate student NPP and ITF AM Naumov; Postgraduate student ATEP IA Polishchuk.

The reports were considered priorities for energy development in Ukraine - clean technology thermal processing of solid fuels, coal combustion in a circulating fluidized bed, trends in gas turbines, advanced cooling system.

From 20 to 23 April work conference held in the following sections: nuclear power, heat transfer and hydrodynamics in power plants, new modern technologies in heating engineering, fluid dynamics and heat-mass exchange in teplospozhyvayuchomu equipment industry, thermal power automation processes, geometric modeling and visualization problems, software information systems and network systems, modeling and analysis of thermal power processes.

Bookings issued a collection of material that contains 383 abstracts. For the best reports diplomas were awarded following students: A.I.Blyschyk, I.Yu.Myhaylova, I.S.Prokopovych, R.V.Frankov, K.S.Bazhyn, O.I.Melnyk, VA Kondratiuk R.V.Neyilo, K.S.Fedirko, L.V.Demchuk, O.V.Markuta, D.R.Korniyenko, M.M.Kunytsya, D.S.Kutra, T.V.Kosharnyy, A.A.Saychuk, A.V.Klisch, A.D.Kuzan, T.V.Nikulenkova.