Research directions

Saving the environment and sustainable development

Ecological and economic sustainability management area

In this area of research department studied the possibility of using modern information technology approaches for effective implementation of the system of technical, managerial and economic decisions aimed at achieving economic stability in the whole area and located within the territory entities.

The system is based on pre-existing information models of possible changes of process areas and developed software products and provides:

modeling of ecological and economic status of the territory;

Responsible person: Ph.D., Assoc. N. M. Karaeva

Information-analytical system for collecting, processing and forecasting environmental and economic information

Is developing an extensive information-analytical system for collecting, processing and predicting ecological economic information for public and departmental bodies with territorial offices and conduct regular reporting on the activities of their units in the regions.

The system provides an opportunity (during on-line, off-line and using paper-based, depending on the need and possibility) control of orders, orders and agreement documents. The system contains a branched archives and library-wide use.

The analytical part includes the development of statistical and geographic information system analysis for certain objects, regions and parameters are processed.

Responsible person: Ph.D. V.O. Kuzminykh