Interview of Nikita Savchenko, student of the 6th year

In his 22 years, the student of the 6th year of the Heat and Power Faculty (specialization - "Software Engineering"), Nikita Savchenko achieved remarkable success both in studying and in program engineering, and also in gaining teaching experience. According to him, before the students who choose software engineering, opens up many opportunities and ways to the future world from the first year of study.

At the request of the editorial office of "KP" Nikita Savchenko shared his experience in IT, internship abroad while studying at KPI them. Igor Sikorsky, and his interactive form of teaching:

- Before joining the KPI, during my studies at school I was engaged in the development of computer games for three years, from the editing of game levels in various games to the creation of my own programming languages ​​GML and LUA. These lessons gave me the opportunity to create something new and unusual, which I always sought.

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