The department APPPS research work carried out by the 4 priority areas of innovation:

  • environmental conservation and sustainable development;
  • modern biotechnology; diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases;
  • New computer tools and technology information society;
  • new technologies and resource-saving technologies in energy, industry and agriculture.

These destinations are budgetary and extra-budgetary agreements:

Using the results of the work on the topic at the Department issued manuals, guidelines published scientific articles, the results of operations reported at national and international conferences. To perform work other than members of the Department zaluchatsya students of the department.

The results of the scientific work of the department covers a "professional" journals, monographs and collective in foreign journals, theses in speeches at seminars and conferences.

Students of the department are actively involved in research work in the directions of the department.

The results of student work highlights at student scientific conferences heat power faculty and various national and international conferences and published in the "professional" journals and scientific publications.

The results of the students of APPPS in information technologies that include innovations implemented in departments and enterprises of different ownership Ukraine.

During 2008, it was implemented and confirmed by relevant regulations of 53 graduate students. Teamwork is intended for students of evaluating the capacity of specific regions of Ukraine, was introduced in the National Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine.

The main directions of the department APPPS:


  • development of creative and analytical abilities of modern specialist, its ability to accurately formulate problems and hypotheses, find solutions to complex problems mizhdystsyplinnyh. preparation of master's theses and doktorskyh;
  • involvement of teachers and students of the Department to participate in research work with both software courses, and so on state budgetary themes;
  • tehnychnoho raising educational process equipment, purchase of modern computer hardware and software; intensification of cooperation with enterprises of the city regarding employment of graduates.

Areas of research

New computer tools and technology information society

This area includes:
1. GIS technology in environmental studies.
2. Subsystem Mobile documenting the results of flight tests.
3. Prediction of maximum load web resources.
4. Computer-aided design TPP boilers.
5. Virtual Lab Space Research.
6. The automatic control system using sensor signal processing computer.
7. Development of intelligent robots.
8. Semantic technologies in e-learning.

Mathematical modeling of dynamic objects and systems

This area includes:
1. Modeling of laser material processing.
2. Geometric modeling flow steam cleaning materials in a vacuum.
3. Neural network methods of technical diagnostics of the main equipment of nuclear power plants.
4. Simulation of Temperature Field sotopanelnyh structures with heat pipes.
5. Geometric modeling of objects based on nonlinear transformations.
6. Numerical simulation of nonlinear transport processes in photovoltaic and electrochemical converters.
7. Automated system for thermal analysis.
8. Simulation of complex dynamic systems based solution of integral equations.
9. New technologies and effective means of mixing in continuous media.
10. Mathematical modeling of computer-aided design and development of heating systems.

Diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases

This area includes:
1. Preparation of medical technology and information processing tools.

The latest in energy saving technologies and industry

This area includes:
1. National centralized accounting system energy consumption.

Saving the environment and sustainable development

This area includes:
1. Ecological and economic sustainability management area.
2. Information-analytical system for collecting, processing and forecasting environmental and economic information.