The application number 1
To order № 1-24 of 07 March 2007.

university transfer students enrolled under the agreement  
(contract) with compensation for the cost of education
state-provided education

General questions

1. This procedure was developed on the basis of existing laws, including the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" № 2984-III, as amended on November 4, 2005, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 245 from 07.15.1996 p. "On the order of transfer, deductions and renovation university students," "Regulations on the organization of educational process" KPI ", the Scientific Council" KPI ", report of 02.07.2004 № 9 g. (amended and amendments approved by the Academic Council "KPI" 01.11.2004 g.).

2. Transfer of university students enrolled in 1st year student is not allowed.

Organizational issues

3. Transfer of university students enrolled in the agreement (contract) with compensation for the cost of education by a person or entity (the "contracted form of education"), the state-provided education possible:
subject to availability of budget places;
provided that the student time and passed the current session.
4. If applications from students wishing to transfer from a contract on state-provided education over budget places, transfer on a competitive basis in consultation with the trade union committee of students and faculty Student Council (the Institute) and taking into account:
In perschu all - success of training;
Difficult financial situation;
  Special circumstances (orphans, disability, etc.).
With the same level of performance necessary to consider participation in scientific work and in public life Faculty (Institute) University.

5. If a student learns by target preferential state credit, then transfer to state-provided education possible with the full repayment of the loan.

6. The decision to transfer is accepted by the Scientific Council of the Faculty (Institute), after which the order is issued.


On behalf of Dean filed an application for transfer of reasons and justification attached documents.
In one week the administration of the Faculty / Institute analyzed student achievement, availability and determined by passing score among those who want to transfer.
Preparing the necessary documents for consideration by the Academic Council of the Faculty / Institute and issued a relevant order.

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