Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information "KPI" holds a competitive selection among students 2 (3) courses of higher education institutions that wish to undergo military training program for reserve officers.

1) The Selection Committee shall consider:

the level of success of training in the previous semester;
vocational and psychological state candidates (testing);
level mastering pre-conscription training programs;
1 day (according to the schedule)
physical fitness level students (pulling, running - 100 m, cross 1000 m.). ⇒  2 day (according to the schedule)

2) Students are beginning to competitive selection should:

  • apply named Dean of the Faculty (Institute Director) desire to undergo military training;
  • to the application a copy of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine (first page), a copy of an identification code, copy endowment ➢ certificates with a mark of fitness for military service;
  • undergo military medical commission on the location for military records.

3) To participate in the contest students must:

  • come a day according to the schedule for the competitive selection of the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information "KPI" (Moskovskaya str., 45/1.)
  • have passport, registration certificate or military ID, proof of the conclusion of a military medical commission for the seat of the military account (photocopies are not acceptable)
  • Examination classes are held at Verhnoklyuchova 4 (27 educational building NTU KPI).

Referral for military medical commission appears at the Faculty of Military Training Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information "KPI" at the address. Verhnoklyuchova 4. (formerly Dashavske, 5.) office №201 from 900 to 1300 and from 1400 to 1700 every day except Saturday and Sunday.

The application form in the attached file -

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