National centralized accounting system energy consumption

Saving energy is not possible without regard to their use by the end user. Joint development department APEPS and State Enterprise "ELEKTRONMASH" Automated Centralized accounting of energy resources (ASOER) is designed to address the operational control of the power scale in a separate building or as a whole.

The system ASOER allows you to perform the following functions:

Early detection of a supply chain;
monitor the quality characteristics of energy resources;
automatic generation of reports.


Responsible person: PhD. Scherbashyn YD

Energy audit

The department are working on energy audits and energy management systems creation. On the basis of this work was developed about 40 national and industry standards.

Problems solved:

  • the formation of databases and analysis of information on energy consumption;
  • design and analysis of energy balance;
  • calculation and analysis of specific energy consumption;
  • orhanizatsiynyhenerhooschadnyh development activities;
  • Report on the formation of energy;
  • development of business plans in energy saving and environmental protection;
  • developing the methodology for energy audit;
  • Software Energy Audit and Energy;

Artist: PhD. V.M. Mamalyga